T-3 Days

It’s past midnight and the realness of this upcoming weekend has just sunk in. I have been freaking out ever since he told he was coming but my anxiety is on another level right now.

I am so fucking nervous

I want to be a good host and show him around and I’ve tried to plan as many things as I possibly can. But it’s the little details that are driving me insane!

Do I hug him or kiss him when I see him at the airport? Should I create a neutral playlist for the car? Should I pack a cooler with some snacks and water in case he gets hungry? Should I bring sexy pyjamas or my comfortable ones? Should I bring extra pyjamas just in case? Do I create backup plans in case he looks bored? Should I bring an extra toothpaste, toothbrush, contacts case, etc in case he forgets? Should I bring a book with me in case I get bored?? 

Even as I am writing this, I realize how stupid I’m being. Mr. Fuzzy has been great about talking down my crazy but as we get closer and closer to this weekend, my nerves are reaching their breaking point. He’s super easy to talk to, pretty easy going for the most part and has reassured me time and time again that he’s here for a nice, relaxing weekend just to hang out and doesn’t want to/need to see everything and anything in the city. It usually calms me down…temporarily.

I want to do something cute for him when I pick him up at the airport. He joked that I should have an extra large sign made for him. I am putting together a welcome basket with essentials as well as cute little gag gifts of things we’ve talked about in conversation. He really likes dessert so I am going to take a stab at baking (I am definitely a cook, not a baker) and also put together a box of his favourite things.

I’m sure this time next week, I will look back and shake my head at how ridiculous I was being but this is huge to me. I just really want it to go well because I am starting to like him. I don’t want either of us to end up disappointed. I am fully aware that we might not click that way but I’m really hoping we do.

I think I will stay away from blogging until after he’s gone, only because my blog posts will almost certainly be some variation of my freak out and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Stay tuned!


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