The End of Mr. Bumble?

I guess all good things must come to an end. Not that I’m saying it’s over with Mr. Bumble because it never really began but I have always believed everything happens for a reason. I think God is trying to discard all of the extraneous men in my life so that I can focus my energy on the right one (whoever he may be).

Mr. Bumble and I have been in this weird thing for months. I feel like I have been getting some crazy mixed signals from him but ultimately, we both know we don’t like each other romantically. However, we were able to build up a pretty solid friendship and were spending a lot of time together. I remember one evening a few weeks ago, Mr. Bumble was having a terrible day and asked me to come hang out. He wanted me to scratch his back because it relaxed him. I did for about 20 minutes and he fell fast asleep. I just laid next to him as he slept and watched Netflix for a few hours before I slipped out after writing him a quick goodbye note.

I mentioned that Mr. Bumble was extremely confident on our first date, very successful, etc etc. He had ‘casually’ mentioned his income at our first dinner date ($200,000+). I didn’t really care how much he was making – I am more than happy with my own income but obviously had to give props to a fellow professional who was succeeding.

I have come to realize this was not the truth. It has become apparent that a lot of Mr. Bumble’s confidence is an act of bravado because he’s insecure and has a chip on his shoulder. Since I met him in March, Mr. Bumble has been unemployed. He explained that he was seeking to transition to a new company and that he had to complete a list of professional courses in order to move to this new job title. I don’t know much about finance so I didn’t question this. He had also mentioned that he was hugely successful in his last position (see the above statement of making $200,000+ annually) and could realistically not work for years and just live off of his savings. Since I have known him, Mr. Bumble basically stayed at home, studied and played video games. Mr. Bumble has a very nice townhouse, a really expensive car so I didn’t even think to question this.

Things have been getting more stressful in his life. He said his mom is getting quite ill and he needs to sell his house so that he can move in with her and put the sales proceeds towards taking care of his mom’s medical expenses.

A few days ago, Mr. Bumble again asked me to hang out and was in the world’s most terrrrrrrrible mood when I got there. He was being really shitty towards me so I asked him what was wrong. He said he had received a call from the company he was supposed to start with who had rescinded his offer for employment because he hadn’t completed the professional courses quickly enough. He was livid. I ended up just scratching his back again and putting him to sleep before I left. (P.S. As I write this, I realize how much it sounds like he is my child which is so awkward).

ANYWAYS….the reason for all of this is that Mr. Bumble and I got into a little tiff on Friday. He called me a few times but I was busy at work. When we were finally able to connect, he told me he had gotten a job at a car dealership and was really excited. I congratulated him and said I was happy for him. He said something along the lines of “it’ll be so nice to be back at work. It’s been hard sitting at home for the past 9 months on EI (employment insurance). I did a breakdown of my potential earnings with commissions and I could bank between $60,000 and $100,000 a year which is more money than I’m used to making.”

K. Wait. What?

I can’t say I was completely surprised to learn that he had lied because the more and more time I spend with Mr. Bumble, the more I learn about him. I glossed over his comment and decided not to call him out on his lie.

He continued and started talking about the vehicles his company sells (he now works for Ford Canada). Not that this particularly matters but I drive a pick up truck, which I love. It’s a little random but I have always been into big vehicles. Mine is a 2014 that I purchased brand new and I honestly have no plans to get rid of it in the foreseeable future.

Mr. Bumble starts saying that it’s about time I get a “nice” vehicle instead of the “shitty” one I currently drive. I was like whoa, whoa, wtf? He continues to berate me and says he “thinks it’s funny how you make $500 an hour but drive a truck like you’re a hick. Why don’t you cop a luxury vehicle? I can help you out with a nice truck“.

Okay….maybe people will think I overreacted but I felt extremely disrespected. I asked him if he was done talking shit, that I was going to bounce and hung up on him. He called me back a few times right after but I ignored his calls. I am normally a pretty tame personality until I feel disrespected and then a completely different side of me unleashes. Any attachment or desire to have Mr. Bumble in my life completed vanished when he spoke to me that way.


Mr. Bumble has messaged me since this (he was actually messaging me the entirety of me writing this post asking me to come over) but it’s all different for me now. Again, people might think I was overreacting but if there is one thing I will not accept or tolerate, it’s being disrespected by someone. I don’t mean just a guy but by anyone, period. I stand up for myself. And I’ve been nothing but caring towards Mr. Bumble. He was just being a jerk with something to prove. He picked the wrong girl to be a dick to.

Back to my original comment: God does everything for a reason. While Mr. Bumble and I weren’t in a conventional relationship, I was putting a lot of my time, energy and focus on him. We were hanging out a few times a week and that pulled my focus away from dating. We started leaning on each other for emotional support and a part of me honestly felt a little guilty when I talked to anyone else. Mr. Fuzzy lives far away so he managed to stay around because our entire relationship was over the phone and texts and has just recently started to get serious. I need to see where it goes with him. So whether an act of divine intervention or simply an act of my own subconscious, I am no longer giving as much effort to Mr. Bumble. 





2 thoughts on “The End of Mr. Bumble?

  1. I don’t think you’re overreacting at all! There’s nothing I hate more than feeling disrespected I think it’s amazing that you called him out on it. I had a similar thing with Mr X when he got all wrapped up in his politics talk and was talking down to me pretty much saying he expected better from someone who’s intelligent and been to uni and tried manipulating me by playing on my emotions. I’m passive aggressive so I just stopped talking to him until he apologised.
    Does it feel awkward between you two now? I can imagine it feeling that way


  2. I get the feeling that he thinks I’m being unreasonable. He asked me to come over and said he would make it up to me with his dick. Normally I would have laughed but I can’t. I am completely turned off his personality right now and I don’t see it ever really getting back to the point where it was.

    Which again, is probably a good thing. This wasn’t going anywhere between us and I was spending so much time with him. He was like my fake boyfriend with none of the benefits.


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