A Night “in” Texas

Mr. Wonderful left for his rotations last week. So obviously, Texas is going to come back into the picture. I swear, these two are a never-ending revolving door.

I mentioned Texas had called me a few weeks ago and said he would be in Canada and wanted to meet up. I honestly wasn’t sure if I should see him. Of course I wanted to but given our history and me knowing full well he’s a fuck boy, it was probably better that I not. Did I listen to my rationale though? nope.

He made a pit stop in my city for one evening/night. Even before agreeing to see him, I knew what was going to happen between us. He called and we had made plans to go to explore and eat, spending so much (useless) time and energy on creating the perfect itinerary for his 18 hours in my city.

Obviously, I wanted to look good when I saw Texas. I put on a tight pair of black jeans that make my ass look phenomenal, a summery top and nude high heels. My makeup was done to the 9’s. When I saw him, my heart actually skipped a beat. He’s 6’3 (an entire foot taller than me), built like a football player with an incredible body and his beard – omg his beard! We hugged hello and being in his arms totally made me swoon. I could remember every conversation, every laugh, every smile that I had when we were talking.

He arrived early afternoon and the plan had been to go check him in to his hotel and head out to cover our itinerary. There was such an insane build up of sexual chemistry between us. Every time he looked at me, he looked for a few seconds too long and I could see the desire in his eyes. I wasn’t any better and I’m sure he caught me mentally undressing him a million times. He said he was hungry from the plane ride and maybe we could grab something quick to eat on the way to the hotel instead of waiting for dinner. We went to Subway and grabbed our subs to go. We got to his hotel, checked him in and he said something about wanting to chill in his room for a bit and change. Did it really matter? No. We both knew we were headed up to his room for one thing.

We go upstairs, I sat on the bed and he put his bag down in the corner. The next thing I know, his shirt is off and he is on top of me, kissing me. Think of Dwayne Johnson’s body (maybe not how big he is in the Fast franchise but him in his wrestling days) and that’s what Texas is working with. (P.S. Dwayne Johnson is my #mce). I think about 3 minutes had elapsed from the time we walked into the hotel room to when he was inside of me. Incredible does not even begin to describe it. I cannot remember the last time I was so sexually attracted to somebody.

That’s all we really did for the rest of the time we were together. We had sex every way which possible and on almost every surface of that hotel room. Around 2:30 am, we decided to call it quits. He said he just wanted to cuddle for a bit and he wrapped his arms around me. He fell asleep shortly after and I laid there for a long time just listening to him breathe and feel his heartbeat on my back. I thought to myself “you’re so fucked” – literally and figuratively. I don’t expect anything at all to come out of this. I think this was a long time coming and I don’t have expectations at a future or anything more with Texas. The sex with him was like magic though.

I can never fall asleep with someone. I always end up staying awake the whole night, just wanting my own space and bed. With Texas, I did stay up for a while going over the night in my head but being with him was so easy and comfortable. I fell asleep with no issues and woke up to him kissing my shoulders. It scared me how natural it felt being with him. After a few more early morning rounds, we got ourselves together and went to check him out. We headed over to a breakfast place to eat something before I had to drop him off at the airport. Texas is very affectionate and was touching me in some way literally almost second we were together. If he wasn’t holding my hand, he had his arm around me, was touching the small of my back as we walked or was hugging me from behind. A few people commented on how cute we were together. We both smiled and said thanks. When the waitress said we were adorable, Texas leaned over and kissed me and said he was so lucky I gave him my time.

I had a wonderful time with Texas. Despite the fact that my vagina will probably take a month to heal, I feel so incredibly satisfied. I am sure we will talk again and I also know this isn’t the last of Texas in my life but I also am very aware of the fact that I deserve so much better emotionally and he is just not the person to give it to me right now.

I’m young and single. While I’m looking for Mr. Right, it doesn’t hurt to get fucked real good by Mr. Right Now. In this case, Texas.


*Ahem* For anyone’s viewing pleasure that also has a thing for Dwayne Johnson (and to also give myself a reminder of Texas), enjoy the following:




One thought on “A Night “in” Texas

  1. Oh my fucking gaaaaaaadddddd!!! That was bloody hot!! Sounds like you had a really great time, it sucks that he couldn’t stay longer though but from the sound of it you got a months worth of fun in a night lol 🙌🏾🙌🏾 I’m jealous 😂

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