Always the Admired, Never the Acquired

I am killing some time between clients, drinking my Mango White Tea Lemonade at Starbucks (it’s like the Starbucks Gods sent this drink to Earth just for me ♥) when I got to thinking – you would not believe how many times I hear from guys “whoever you end up with is going to be so lucky.” I’ve actually heard this from 4 different guys this past week. While I know it’s true, I can’t help but feel irritated. If I’m “sooooo great”, why can’t any of the guys saying it to me initiate anything?

Mr. Bumble

I mentioned that Mr. Bumble wanted to go out on Friday night. I know he had a good time. Me? Not so much. I ended up being the DD and babysitter. Mr. Bumble had a crappy week and decided to handle it by getting blacked out wasted, picking fights with anyone who looked in his direction or mine. I had to physically step in the middle of three different altercations to stop him from punching someone out. I finally convinced him to leave and said I would get him something to eat and would take him home. By the time I got him to his house, he refused to go inside and instead wanted to lay down on the grass. It took me almost 20 minutes of coaxing to get him through the front door. When I managed to walk him up to his room, he star-fished on his bed and would not stop puking. I didn’t want to leave him until I was sure it was safe to do so. I sat on his floor for almost two hours, helping him puke into the garbage can. When I thought he had gotten most of it out of his system, I helped him into the bathroom, got him into the shower, and stayed nearby in case he needed me. I dried and dressed him once he was done. He asked me to lotion his body so I did and tucked him into bed. Sometime during the lotioning, Mr. Bumble mumbled “I love you. I wish you were my girlfriend. I’d be so lucky to have you.” He was highly intoxicated and I was in the middle of lotioning him so I didn’t address the comment. He pulled me on to the bed, wrapped his arms around me and fell asleep. I didn’t know what to do so I laid in his arms. He slept without incident for about an hour so I left him a note and headed home.

I wasn’t upset that I had to do any of the things I did but I was definitely irritated at the level of aggression Mr. Bumble had displayed. We all have rough days and sometimes deal with them inappropriately but it got to the point that night where I would literally apologize to everyone that he was in contact with. I was getting a lot of looks from everyone saying “control your man!” It was awkward explaining to strangers that we aren’t together, he is a grown man whose actions I do not control. In most cases, I would just shrug awkwardly and silently apologize.

The next day, Mr. Bumble called and apologized for his behaviour. We didn’t address his comments to me but he mentioned that I was amazing and he was really appreciative of everything I do for him. I said it was fine and that maybe I would sit out the next night out where he drank that much.

Later that day, I was out and about running errands. A few days prior, I had lost my nipple piercing (no clue to this day how or when it fell out) but I needed to get it replaced ASAP before the hole closed. I headed to my tattoo and piercing shop to get it taken care of.


I am now in a strange situation with Mr. Bumble. More and more, I have been feeling this push towards a relationship. I don’t go out very often so when we went on Friday, I put on a sexy, low cut romper, high heels, did a sexy smokey eye and felt like a million bucks. When Mr. Bumble answered his door when I picked him up, he gave me a slow up and down and said “damn.” He had asked earlier on the phone if it would be okay if he hit on women while we were out together. I said that was absolutely fine since he and I aren’t together. If he hooked up with someone, I would just let them cab back to his place and I would head home. Mr. Bumble ended up clinging to my side the entire night and was very possessive if anyone looked in my direction. My boobs were barely covered and propped up to my chin so of course people were going to look. He was definitely jealous.

I like him – I really do. But I am worried we are very quickly blurring the lines of friendship into this confusing realm of “are we together or are we not together”? We have both expressed we aren’t seeking a relationship from each other. I still maintain this. I really really really don’t see us together long term. Hey, maybe I am completely wrong and Mr. Bumble will turn out to be my ‘soulmate’ (or the closest thing to if you believe in that term). My gut reaction is to say no though. I guess we will just let it play out.

Mr. Wonderful

Mr. Wonderful messaged me last night and very quickly, some racy photos were sent.


I don’t think it’s fair for me to complain about Mr. Wonderful since it is obvious we play games with each other. We can’t stay away from each other but he also obviously doesn’t want to give me a commitment either. If Mr. Wonderful asked me to marry him today, I would say yes without a second’s hesitation. He knows this. He’s leaving in two weeks so of course we are trying to arrange as much face time as possible before he departs. I guess for the next two weeks, I am all about Mr. Wonderful, which is usually the way it goes when he is in town.

Mr. Mystery Man

I have elusively mentioned him a few times. I don’t know what’s going on with him so I don’t know how to start writing about him. We have been talking for a few months now. He said and did all of the right things. I am waiting for something more from him. He lives in a different province so I feel like our relationship progress is stalled until he makes an effort to come visit me. Yes, this is 2017 and I can absolutely make an effort to go see him BUT he came out of the gate strong and made a big deal about how important it is that he comes here to see me first, etc. If it’s that important to him, I am waiting for words to be put into action. I do definitely see him as a potential and I really enjoy talking to him. However; I am not willing to put all my eggs into the one metaphorical basket until I see some serious effort on his part. Fingers crossed I have an update soon.

Otherwise, I’ll just continue with updates about Mr. Bumble and Mr. Wonderful. They definitely keep me more than occupied.


4 thoughts on “Always the Admired, Never the Acquired

  1. Oh my gaaaaaaadddd this post gave me Lifeee lol I completely get you when you talk about how sometimes the lines between friendship and relationship seem like they’re blurring and isn’t it always on their terms?!! I can’t lie I love reading about Mr Bumble 😅

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